[About KOOKIE]

‘Kookie Entertainment’ is a contents provider, who works hard to make the world joyful and fun, with CREATIVE and UNIQUE thoughts.

‘Kookie Games’

Global Web(HTML5) Games & Mobile Games Service Platform
Kookie Games is a global HTML5 web games and mobile app games service platform to provide various games with simple, easy and addictive gaming concepts.
Kookie Games will always try the best to provide interesting contents to gaming users.

-Multi-Platform based HTML5 Games
You can play numerous games using your PC/Mobile/Tablets/etc. devices anywhere and at anytime.

-Outstanding Accessibility
You can enjoy our games during the break time, at your office, in the public transportation, and etc.

-Simple & Easy to Play
No installation! You can play HTML5 games without any installation.
You just simply need to login to Kookie Games website and play games with simple touches with just one finger.

You can share all games using SNS with your family and/or friends, so you can enjoy and compete with others.

Life of ‘Kookie Entertainment’

High-end Technology Work-Life Balance Winning Mind


Everyone at Kookie Games has various experiences and extensive knowledges in the gaming industry.
We are more like family, not just a colleagues.

We always try to understand and respect each other, and we always try to look for treasures
through open discussions and thoughts. Also we don’t hastate to share own thoughts and opinions to others.

Mostly we have smooth workflow and little bit laid-back working atmosphere.
Through that we believe that everyone can work with creative and productive mind.